On Mon, 29 Dec 2003 20:53:06 +1030, Malcolm Kay wrote:

>OK; how did you install initially? Was the whole disk used for BSD?
>Did you follow the defaults during installation?
>If both the latter questions are answered in the affirmative then you 
>might go back to installation and try to create the same slices, partitions
>and mount points.

I thought I had recorded my partition sizes, but I had not saved
I found enough data in my backups so the data loss is minimal.
At this stage I want to concentrate on improving my backups for
the next time.

>> Is there a way to backup the disklable and slice info?
>Yes, disklabel and fdisk  have facilities for outputting their current state and this
>can be redirected to file and then stored on your backup media or a floppy disk.
>I do this on a regular basis

Could you share the commands please?

>In my opinion dump and restore are the best backup and recovery mechanisms 
>for BSD.

I will work on a dump/restore mechanism. I will do that weekly.
Have a database running which may not backup well. On weekends I
can shutdown everything for the dump process. I plan to dump to
a file in the second HD if that is possible. I also just bought
a DVD burner to backup to it essential data to take offsite
besides the copy on the second HD.

Thanks for the advice. If I had only had a backup of the disk
info this whole experience would have been less problematic.

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