I'm probably stupid or so, but I continue getting "Errno 2: no such
file or directory" when I'm trying to run rdiff-backup on a freeBSD
directory but saving it to a mounted windows share. Yes, I am using
the --windows-mode option. I have a feeling that it's something with
the zero-length semaphore files. But it's just a feeling. 

For a while I thought it was the network that was too slow, but I
can't even copy an existing backup to the windows share.

So my backup solution is to do a rdiff-backup to another hard drive
and then do a tar:ing it and saving it to the windows machine.

I don't even know if the rdiff-backup directory would be intact after
I untar it if something is crashing.

So, what am I asking?

Well, first:

Is it possible at all to have rdiff-backup saving to a mounted windows
share (without using cygwin)?

Is there any other backup programs that would support this?

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