Matthew Emmerton wrote:

You sound like you're running 5.x.  You will need to install the
compat4x distribution to get FreeBSD-4.x compatibility libraries.

You sound lik you should be running 4.x anyway -- 5.x is still a strange
mix of "bleeding edge" and "stable" -- but it *is* called -CURRENT for a


I am running 5.1-release. When I first read your response I thought 'wait a minute - it is a release, so it is stable'. Then I went back and read the info on the web site about 5.1-release. It is a 'release' based on the 'current' 5.0-current. I learned that just becuase it says -release doesn't mean it is based on -stable. Guess I hadn't noticed that before. Anyway, all is working fine now.

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