On Dec 29, 2003, at 7:43 PM, Brett Glass wrote:
At 03:31 PM 12/29/2003, Charles Swiger wrote:
Meaning what? You want to make sure the software really works with DVD-R, but you are not willing to test the software yourself?

I didn't say that. However, if there's an alternative that's a sure winner, I'd likely want to go with that instead rather than wasting time on something that might not work.

Fair enough. I don't know how to make burncd burn DVD-R's. People have been able to use the port I mentioned to burn DVD-R's, at least if their hardware is capable of doing so.

The code is also GPLed. I'm looking, if at all possible, for an all-BSD

Is the license actually a genuine concern, or are you inventing excuses?

The license is a very great concern, for reasons I've mentioned elsewhere. We like to be able to look at and tweak the software we use, and we can't look at GPLed code for legal reasons.

Well, you've done me the courtesy of answering my question.

I do not see why the GPL would prevent you from looking at or modifying DVD+RW-tools if you wanted to-- unless you plan on selling or redistributing closed-source DVD-burning software (seems unlikely)-- but it doesn't matter whether I understand these "legal reasons" or not.

Also, no BSD-based operating system should be dependent upon GPLed code. I'm glad to see that Jeroen and others are working on alternative toolchain components.

My opinion is that FreeBSD is better off having tools like "less" as part of the OS. Come to think of it, "less" is now dual-licensed under both a BSD-style license and the GPL. Perhaps you could ask Andy whether he would be willing to make dvd+rw-tools available for your use under a different license?


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