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On Tue, 30 Dec 2003, Mobasher Sobhan wrote:
> I'm a rookie with FreeBSD.  I'm confused by which
> platform of freebsd could be installed on various IBM
> compatible/windows boxes.  I have one pc with AMD
> Athlon 2GHz and another running on Pentium III.  I
> assumed i386 (because of "x86"), but when I clicked on
> a link on a link "i386" under platforms supported, it
> took me to something "Samba" or something related.
> Should I get it from "ISO-IMAGES-amd64" directory in
> the ftp instead?  Or is that for AMD's more advanced
> server processors?

Install the i386 version of FreeBSD for all ia32 boxes, including Intel,
AMD, Cyrix.  The amd64 arch is for the new 64 bit Opterons (i.e. FX64).

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