This problem even appears when installing the OS though
sysinstall. Disabeling acpi was the solution.



On  0, "Michael L. Squires" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
:> Anyway right know I am having too many system freezes
:> when trying to start X.. most of the time starting X will
:I'm entering this message from a KDE Konsole screen running on a Tecra
:8100 under 5.2-CURRENT of 12/22.  I usually use the 8100 in a docking
:station with an external monitor, but the few times I've run the laptop
:out of the dock I've had no problems.
:My XF86Config file has
:Section "Device"
:       Identifier      "Card0"
:       Driver          "savage"
:       VendorName      "S3 Inc."
:       BoardName       "86C270-294 Savage/MX-MV"
:       BusID           "PCI:1:0:0"
:for the video hardware.
:Mike Squires

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