"W. Sierke" wrote:
> to recap: I'm trying to run maildrop from /etc/mail/aliases with the
> following entry:
> second-domain-tld:    "|/usr/local/bin/maildrop -d [EMAIL PROTECTED]"
> where second-domain-tld is from an entry in virtusertable.
> Initially this gave me:
> Dec 25 17:05:19 maildrop[75657]: Cannot set my user or group id.
> so as per the above included text, I tried making maildrop setuid:
> Dec 26 15:08:20 maildrop[93442]: You are not a trusted user.

Turns out this was an issue with the maildrop port. There doesn't appear to
be a way of configuring 'trusted users' for maildrop without directly
modifying the Makefile. And maildrop doesn't get installed suid despite
having it's "--enable-maildrop-uid" option set. Making maildrop suid and
configuring it with user:mailnull as a trusted user got it working. Time for
a change request I think.


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