Is there a secret to getting kmplayer to play dvds and mpeg files?  I have
mplayer, gmplayer, kmplayer all installed.  If I enter mplayer <filename>
from within KDE, I get an initial image on the screen, but don't know the
keyboard shortcuts to get it to play (but I can pause it!).  gmplayer and
kmplayer both won't even show the initial image.  kmplayer doens't do
anything and gmplayer said something about unable to use -vo video-out

Are you starting from the KDE "run command" dialog?
Try running from the commandline and see what kind of output you get.

I do not have a dvd player, but mplayer (and kmplayer and kplayer) play
every video format I have ever tried so far. That said, I have an athlon
processor and needed to add

options         CPU_ENABLE_SSE
options         CPU_ATHLON_SSE_HACK

to my kernel config for any of this to work.

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