Why change the book when the whole population of the 4.9 users out
there have a broken function.
This is impacting the whole installed community and in my book is an
problem of the highest severity.

There is nothing wrong with the handbook document, the problem is
who ever is building
the FTP servers has made an mistake and there is an very easy
solution to correct
the problem now.

Populating the Latest directory with the correct contents from the
'all' directory
will correct the problem for all the existing uses base without them
having to do anything.

I do not understand why you want to take the long way around  the
bilberry bush to
correct a problem that has such an severe impact of the 4.9
installed community,
when the simple solution is staring you in the face?

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> Your missing the whole point.
> The FBSD handbook says to use
> http://www.freebsd.org/ports/index.html  to find port and package
> names and it only shows the names with  versions suffix appended
> the names.
> Pkg_add -r  points to directory location with out names with
> versions suffix appended.
> >From user view point,  pkg_add -r  does not work because user is
> entering name with version suffix appended as they are led to
> believe is the correct name as instructed by the FBSD handbook.
> The user doesn't know about or cares about what 'Latest' contains.
> All they know is, they can not get pkg_add to work as instructed
> the handbook.
> That's the big problem.
> The  'Latest' category needs to be populated with names having the
> version suffix  appended.

Would be easier and not-breaking a lot of things if you would submit
patch for that sections of the handbook that clarifies this ?

Unregistered ;) FreeBSD user

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