On Wednesday 31 December 2003 13:57, Francisco Reyes wrote:
> Anyone has set one of those up?
> In particular how did you communicate with the machine? Do I need a null
> modem cable? Which program you used and settings? From the ports it seems
> minicom may do the trick.

It's working like a charm with FreeBSD.
Especially phk has extended FreeBSD with lots of nice features for ElanSC520/
Soekris (like errLED device, setable X-Tal freq, ELAN timecounter etc.)

I use "tip" for the serial console (with nullmodem cable)

There are a lot of reports/articles about net4501 and FreeBSD/OpenBSD out 


> If using the CF card in the machine how did you find out what was the
> device name of your USB writer. I blew up my primary HD MBR trying to
> write the image of M0n0wall. Didn't loose almost any data due to my
> nightly backups, but want to find out the right way to do it on a less
> painfull way. :-)
> The card is seen by camcontrol and usbdevs.
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