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Ion-Mihai Tetcu wrote:

Take a look at /usr/local/etc/rc.d/

1. SVDIR=/var/service/ - so svscan will look at /var/service and not
/service; either do:
a) what is suggested and use /var/services (e.g. ln -s /etc/dnscache
/var/service) or b) change SVDIR=/var/service/ to SVDIR=/service/

I would use a); also note that creating the log file in /etc/dnscache
is IMHO a bad idea.

I'm not disagreeing, but the original post complained of something
being wrong in some documentation.

Yes, the idea of logging to / is bad at least for 2 reasons: filling up
/, which is usually small and, in case of a crash, increasing the
chances to have a trashed /

In passing, I don't understand why any dns data are stored in subdirectories of /etc and not /var. But while this is important for the log files, the service directory just contains soft links, so no issues of disk space arise from a location in /. It seems to be more a matter of how you read hier(7).

Most reference and tutorial pages for djbdns and other djb stuff like qmail assume a /service directory, rather than /var/service.

I've always loved the explanation "Portability. With /service, your
program works the same way on every system: Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc."
(; using this logic
every program should install in his own directory in /

Not entirely: daemontools has a broad application to other services that most programs lack. As a, sort of, replacement for inet.d it has a different status to, say, mozilla. One /service directory allows more than one daemon to run. I'm all for standardisation of file locations across unixen. There's just the small matter of agreeing what those standard locations should be.

Using /var/service does seem more logical, but can be a source of confusion, especially if people are copying and pasting commands from online instructions, something the various references often suggest.

Perhaps I should suggest to the maintainer adding a pkg-message saying
that, by default, we're using /var/services ?

Good idea, though there is already a mention of this issue in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/

I think the djbdns and the qmail ports should create the service directory if it's not already there (in / or /var, whatever, so long as both ports agree) and the symlinks within it, with configure options for selecting a different location. That would help avoid a lot of confusion and mean the ports installed services that were actually capable of running after the make install without an unusual amount of tweaking, but I'll take this to the relevant list.


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