Kirk-this is Peg Pellegrino-remember me?--you were trying to connect me with 
Andrew Frankel, MD---
I started composing a letter to Dr. Frankel and stopped--don't want to step 
on your toes--but I lost all of you information--I have now relocated to 
Southern California--staying in Irvine at a Candlewood Suites (Temp) and I have been 
sending resumes (better than the one you saw)--I have two pretty good offers 
from practices in Beverly hills--don't want to jump too fast--wonder if you 
know if Dr. Frankel is still looking?
If you have the time-let me know--the idea of the new 'growing practice' 
appeals to me alot---and he is wrong in his assumption that I am not familiar with 
high profile patients.

Peg Pellegrino
cell   949-861-1450
hotel  949-788-0500  suite 203                    Thanks!!
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