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> I have set up the isc-dhcp port on 2 machines. and it is serving addresses,
> but I notice that whichever machine gives the lease is the only one that
> records the lease in it's leases file.

Right.  If you want them to know about each other, you need to
configure that.  See the descriptions of "failover" in the
dhcpd.conf(5) manual.

> This seems like a problem.

Not unless both servers are serving addresses out of the same pool.
Obviously, that *would* be a problem.  

If one hands out (for example) through and the
other hands out through, then there's no problem
at all.  You can have the second one respond more slowly by using the
min-secs statement in its configuration.

> How can I configure this package to avoid this problem?

If you want the failover support, then you can set that up (I've never
done it, but it looks reasonably simple when I read the manual).  

It's probably not worth setting up two servers, though.  If you have a
reasonable gap between the renew time (when the clients start looking
for a new lease) and the end of the lease (when the clients have to
stop using their old lease), then you have a fair amount of breathing
time to get the server fixed.

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