On Thu, 01 Jan 2004 18:51:49 -0500, Dany <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:

On Friday, 2 January 2004 at 4:25:49 +0800, dc wrote:

     Versino 4.9....whenever i use the command "shutdown"or "halt"to
shutdown the power,system display"type anykey to reboot"so computer

Instead of typing a key on the keyboard when you see that message, if you wish to shut down, power off via the power button. If you want to power off without having to use the power button, do as Dany suggests below and use 'shutdown -p now.'

Regarding rebooting into Windows rather than FreeBSD, please do as Greg asks and provide more information.


and i have to boot windows(i installed FREEBSD and


      Someone told me to configue the kernel.Add "device acpica"to
the kernel and make it ~I did so,nothing changed,porblem is still

It's almost impossible to guess what your problem is. Obviously shutdown works. Did you install the boot selector? Please:

1.  Shut down the machine (with shutdown, not halt).
2.  When you see "Press any key to reboot", turn the power off.
3.  Turn the power on.
4.  Describe *exactly* what happens.

to turn the power off automatically, you should use : shutdown -p now instead of the -h which gives you this message.

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