hi i'm user of freebsd 4.9,i have read a lot of manual ,i'm search on more
site,mailinglist,But nobody can help me.
i explain my situation:
i have a privat /64 address of ipv6 i want to start a Tunnel broker and
give /127 to all people (for my prov
der fastweb.it),My problem is:
on freebsd i dont find any command to route a /127 to other ip of pc.
i use this command but not work:
on gif0 i have the /64 3ffe:*:*:*::/64
the route is seto on Gif0 to have a working ipv6.
ifconfig gif1 c
ifconfig gif1 up
gifconfig gif1 myIP ExternalIP
route add -inet6 3ffe:*:*:*::/64 -interface gif1
sysctl -w net.inet6.ip6.forwarding=1
U know other command to do this?
by from fabio.

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