Hi FreeBSD'ers!

I'm facing a funny situation that I don't really understand... I'm currently
running 5.1 (I thought it was -STABLE but the CDROM says -RELEASE, so I'm not
completely sure as I have had it for some time). It installed painlessly.

As I was reorganizing my hard disk, I thought I would upgrade to 5.2 but, for
some reason, it won't install. The CDROM image seems to have been written
fine, it boots properly, I can edit and select the various options, I can
repartition the disk (basically to erase the partition contents), the base
system loads fine ... until it tries to load the PERL package, where it
fails. As a number of packages depend on PERL, they won't install either.
This happens with both 5.2-RC1 and 5.2-RC2 (I remember seeing the same on the
latest 5.1-RELEASE too).

Anyone saw the same effect? Any clue of what could go wrong?
Thanks in advance

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