On Fri, Jan 02, 2004 at 11:10:56AM -0500, Marius Kirschner wrote:
> I currently have Apache 1.3.29 running and want to switch to the Apache
> mod-ssl version. My question is, do I need to deinstall the standard apache
> before building the mod-ssl one from the ports?  And what would be the best
> procedure to minimize the downtime?  Thank you,

Yes, you should de-install apache13 before installing apache13-modssl.
Although it's called mod_ssl, it is actually rather more than just a
dynamically loadable module -- the main apache httpd binary gets
patched to provide the 'EAPI' programming interface.

Best way to minimize downtime is to

    a) build apache13-modssl on a scratch box and test your
       configuration there.  Practice installing everything.  Once
       you're pretty certain it's going to work smoothly, and you
       understand how to install certificates and so forth, then:

    b) build apache13-modssl -- if you do this on the server it will
       cause the port dependencies to be installed automatically
       (basically that's just the devel/mm port)  

    c) Stop the apache13 server and pkg_deinstall it.  

    d) Install the pre-built apache13-modssl port

    e) Apply your local customizations to your httpd.conf, install web
       content etc.

    d) Start the apache13-modssl server: remember it's "apachectl
       startssl" to have SSL enabled.

If you don't want to build the httpd on the server machine, then build
what packages you need off-line.  Installation procedure will be much
the same as above.  If you have any other 3rd party apache loadable
modules (mod_php4, mod_perl etc.) these will need to be recompiled
against the new apache13-modssl server at stage (d) above.  At some
point running through a round or two of 'pkgdb -Fvu' to sort out
package dependencies is a good idea.  You can also put:

    APACHE_PORT=    www/apache13-modssl

into /etc/make.conf to make sure that all apache-related ports you
install subsequently will have the correct dependencies.



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