orlandina wrote:

Hello freebsd-questions,

 I have one problem with system. Always after rebooting it says that
 file systems was uncorrectly unmounted and i have no way to recovery
 system without reinstallation. Can you help with solving this
 problem? May be problem is in compatibility with processor (Athlon

Most likely you have some rather bunged up
hard disk partition(s).

Please find a man page (on the web if FBSD
refuses to boot due to bad unmounts) and
check up on "fsck".

You will probably have to boot into "single
user" mode, using a dumbed down version
of /bin/sh (well, not dumbed down, really, but
it won't be able to find squat, cause your
other partitions won't be available, and therefore
neither will your $PATH environment variable)
and issue fsck commands followed by mount
commands using the full pathname to recover
from whatever has happened.... power failure,
perhaps?  Or as I said, bad HDD???


Kevin Kinsey

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