With Nate Lawson's help, I have my FC/SCSI target mode operations working;
now I need to make things work on the initiator side.

A  camcontrol rescan 1  causes the new target to become visible on the
initiator-side card.  But the target is listed as

  <FreeBSD Emulated Disk 0.1>     at scbus1 target 0 lun 0 (pass1)

which is to say that it is represented only by  /dev/pass1 .  How, on 5.2,
do I nake  devfs  and (if necessary)  GEOM  recognize it and create the
/dev/da0 , /dev/da0s1 . /dev/da0s1a , /dev/da0s1b , and so forth?

    Mark Terribile

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