I run KDE, Gnome, and occasionally IceWM (although I haven't yet installed this on my FreeBSD machine). Coming from a linux background, I'm a little confused about sound servers. I have a SoundBlaster Live Value PCI card on my machine running 5.2-CURRENT.

I have compiled my kernel with 'device PCM' and in my /boot/loader.conf I have put


What sound server(s) is/are recommended to install. I know that Gnome typically uses ess, and KDE can use arts. Should both of these be installed to have sound in these environments? How about others such as Xfce and IceWM?

I want to enable system sounds as well as sound for XMMS and other programs. The card is recognized and showing up in dmesg.

I've read in another post that I don't need to run

# sh MAKEDEV snd0

in the /dev directory with FreeBSD 5.X series, is this true.

Right now I have no sound.

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