Rob <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm following the instructions in the handbook for diskless boot.
> In Chapter "Building a Diskless Kernel", it says:
> "Build the kernel (See Chapter 9), and copy it to the tftp directory ..."
> I have two problems here:
> 1. Chapter 9 only explains how to build and install a kernel on a
>     running machine, where 'install' puts everything in root directory.

Right.  So you do the "build" part and not the "install" part, and
copy the kernel to the appropriate spot.

> 2. When it says above "copy it", what is "it" here? A file? Or files
>     and directories (e.g. /modules/) ? And where is "it", after doing the
>     'build' command as explained in Chapter 9?

"It" is the kernel.  A file named "kernel".  If you follow the first
kernel-building procedure in the section (currently) number 9.3, then
instead of the final step ("make install"), just try "ls kernel".

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