I am running  FreeBSD 4.3 on an old laptop.

Something (maybe Mozilla) stepped on something. Trying to run netscape-
communicator (with wrapper and remote) results in the following error:

$ /usr/local/bin/netscape
/usr/libexec/ld.so: warning: /usr/X11R6/lib/libXt.so.6: minor version -1
older than expected 0, using it anyway
ld.so failed: bad magic number in "/usr/X11R6/lib/libXt.so.6"

I pkg_deleted and pkg_added Netscape, but still the same problem.

ld.so is dated July 28, 2000. It apparently doesn't like the magic number
libXt.so.6 dated four days earlier. Netscape on the CDROM is from May 12,

Is there any way I can fix or replace the libXt.so.6 so that it works with
ld.so and
Netscape runs?

I have a couple of libXt.so.6.0 files in /usr/compat/linux and one in
/usr/X11R6/lib/aout. Might the latter work?

Upgrading 4.3 or using ports are not practical right now.

Any ideas would be welcme.



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