I am curious if the problem persists if you put the 
following in your device.hints using the default kernel.



On  0, Martin Brecher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
:Jaroslaw Nozderko wrote:
:>>Yes, see my post from earlier today called "Can't shutdown, logout,
:>>or restart cleanly."
:>thanks, I've read it - I have Asus P3B-F motherboard :))
:>But seriously, I'm not sure it's hardware-related - I don't remember
:>a single occurence of this problem in 5.1 and 5.0. It seems to have 
:>something to do with 5.2.
:I agree: I experienced X11 freezes on 5.2 with both a nvidia card as
:well as a card using the i740 chipset. The nv freezed the computer as
:soon as I started X, the i740 happend to freeze it when I killed the X
:Also, I saw two similar reports on the -current list.
:However, I managed to work around these freezes by removing the two
:SMP-related lines from my kernel configuration:
:options         SMP  # Symmetric MultiProcessor Kernel
:device          apic # I/O APIC
:Additionally, I am sure ACPI does not have anything to do with this --
:at least on this box.
:- Martin
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