Eric F Crist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Friday 02 January 2004 02:06 pm, Dru wrote:
>> Is anyone aware of a tutorial/documentation available for creating a
>> hardware profile? I'm thinking of something that allows the user to
>> choose to either configure a wireless or a wired NIC during bootup. I
>> could script it after bootup, but I'd prefer to do it during loader.
> FWIW, I have a wired NIC and a wifi NIC.  The wifi doesn't attempt to do DHCP 
> unless it's plugged in.  The wired NIC is integrated, so it always tries to 
> look and if there's a connection, it works, if not, obviously no.  If you're 
> using PCMCIA wifi/wired NICs this is pretty trivial to accomplish.  It's 
> simply the lines:
> pccard_enable="YES"
> pccard_ifconfig="DHCP"
> Put these in your rc.conf file.  For more options see man rc.conf.

You might also find the nicmond port useful. It will attempt to bring the
wired interface up only when it detects a live network. This also means it
will auto-connect as soon as you plug a running laptop to the
network. That's more intuitive in my opinion but certainly different than
what you asked for.


  Dan Pelleg
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