Frederick Thomas writes:

> I'm trying to get some help installing the tarball in the subject line
> because I do not have an internet connection at home, and every time I
> have tried to build a binary from source I've have been unable to
> because of some missing dependencies. I'm new to asking for help but I
> would like some guidance simply to be able to start developing my own
> apps and to be able to help some other poor slub who doesn't have a
> clue. So, I have freebsd 4.8 with linux compat enabled and I can't get
> the package to configure because it needs " autoconf". So if anyone
> has an answer for me it would be a blessing. Happy New Year!

You need to install the dependencies in order to install the pieces
that depend on them.  That's the whole point of calling them

If you're installing via ports, get all of the dependencies' files
before starting; there are "fetch-recursive" and
"fetch-recursive-list" makefile targets to help with this.

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                username/password "public"
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