IzyData Software Company <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>  We are IzyData Software Developping company from Switzerland. And
>  now, we are going to dedicated server. For our OS we choose FreeBSD
>  4.9. And one problem appeared. We can't make working sata raid disks which are
>  on mirroring, we simply do not see it in a system.
>  Is this feature availible in 4.9 ?
>  We have following hardware:
>  CPU: P4 2.9
>  Motherboard: ASUS P4800-DELUX.
>  RAM: 2GB
>  HDD: 1 - 40GB SATA (working).
>  HDD: 2x240 WD Sata mirrow (not working).
>  Could you please help us. And alse please tell if there a reason to
>  install 5.1, which supports sata raid, as we heard.

That sounds like a good reason to me...
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