[ Machine not resetting properly and thus failing to reboot ]

On Sun, Jan 04, 2004 at 02:17:50AM -0800, M K wrote:
> Sorry, I can't do it at this moment because I am
> installing FreeBSD again (some other ugly problem that
> was caused by me). I've noticed another thing: if I
> enter the SCSI bios and than the system wants to
> reboot, it's also not working! Can I assume that this
> is a hardware issue, not FreeBSD?

This could well be a hardware problem, but don't rule out FreeBSD
issues just yet.  I had a similar niggling problem on the machine I'm
using right now: telling the system to 'shutdown -r' would shutdown
just fine, but the reset that is the prelude to rebooting would never
happen.  Had to hit the reset button manually every time.

I found that enabling the apm(4) stuff helped, but wasn't a complete
cure.  Then when some acpi support was MFC'd from -CURRENT, enabling
that and turning off apm(4) has made the whole reboot thing work
perfectly, although it does make the floppy drive unusable.  A floppy
I can live without.

I'd advise you to try out those three options -- apci enabled, apm
enabled or neither enabled.  You'll need to build some custom kernels
to try out those options.  Which (if any) works depends on what
motherboard chipset your machine has.



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