On Sat, Jan 03, 2004 at 09:46:48PM -0500, Marius Kirschner wrote:
> I have the need to re-configire mod_php4 using the ports and add another
> package (--with-imagick) that is not part of the default options. Where do I
> put the imagick source (should be in /usr/src/php/ext), and which file do I
> need to modify to include the "--with-imagick"?  Obviously there must be a
> way to do it, but after searching through the freebsd.org site I haven't
> been able to find it.  Thanks,

Hmmm... As far as I can tell, the --with-imagick option doesn't exist
in PHP4 or later.  Which is probably why there isn't a 'WITH_IMAGICK'
option in the port Makefile.

In fact, see this, from the principal author of PHP himself:


    "ImageMagick support is broken and deprecated"

You can achieve pretty much all of the graphical manipulations you
need by a combination of PHP's built in support for the GD libraries,
or by using the exec() capability of PHP to call external programs.
The netpbm library (ports: graphics/netpbm) and ImageMagick have some
suitable command line programs that you can work with.



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