Previous correspondence from Subhro (01:06 5-1-2004 +0530):
>What is the amount of money you would like to shell out for the card?

As I mentioned, it's supposed to be relatively cheap. Say 50 to 100 EUR.
(US$ 65 - 125 as present rates). I should've given the figure in my first
message. Sorry for that.

>do you have any good reason for going for SATA and not SCSI (if you need
>speed) and ATA (i.e. P-ATA [...]

I intend to use two WD Raptor S-ATA discs for the machine. From what
we've seen so far, their performance is quite remarkable.

The 3ware cards are quite expensive, according to the pricing lists I've
seen so far. I wonder if the 8506-card mentioned in another post also
works in 32bit PCI slots. Otherwise, I'd need a Xeon board. But that's
another post in the thread.

Thanks for your quick reply,

Rogier Krieger

"Eagles fly, but weasels don't get caught in jet engines..."

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