Ahhhh!!!! Slow down there, Fast Eddie :). I got it working!!!

Basically, I repeated this process about 10 times:

o boot -s
o fsck /dev/da1s1e (which failed every time)
o reboot
o ran adaptec utility
o repeat

Finally, I tried:

o boot -s
o fsck -p  (bingo!!)
o mount -u /
o mount -a

Then, I did "mount" to see what was mounted. Everything was mounted. Life is good again.

I didn't completely give up because I was able to mount the drive with errors and see the contents. I had given up hope of salvaging the drive, but not of recovering the data[1]. Perseverence paid off.

The dumb part in all of this was that my freebsd-questions subscriber address is hosted on the FreeBSD box that was down. So, I couldn't get replies to my request for help until I had already gotten my box back up.

Thanks for your attempt to help me. I do appreciate it.


[1] No. I don't have a backups. I guess I like living on the edge :).

Matthew Seaman wrote:
On Sun, Jan 04, 2004 at 03:36:21PM -0600, backdoc wrote:

I lost power at my house for a moment this morning which is causing some problems with my second hard drive.

[ fsck tale of woe...]

I try to rerun fsck, but this pattern only repeats. Is there a way to fix this?? Or, am I toast?

Toasted to a nice golden brown on both sides.  You've had a head crash
on that second drive, which has created a scratch right across a
number of disk sectors.  Time to chuck that disk in the bin and
restore your backups[1] onto a new one.



[1] You *do* have backups, don't you?

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