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Hello. Not sure if this the right place to ask. Im farely new Unix and never used BSD before. I ran linux red hat like 2 or 3 years ago.
Anyway, Im using the i386 version. Ive have not only burned the CDs, Burt also made NUMEROUS burnings of the floppies.

That was kind of him.

Thing is, My machine dont read the CDs or floppies. Ive changed the bios to read CD or Floppy first, But still remains a mystery why I cant install. Every time I try to boot with floppy in, it just says Hit Any Key To Reboot. Like the floppy isnt even there.BTW this is 5.2 Im refering too. Even tho I heard 4.9 or something is the most stable.

Ive been trying to install this for almost 4 days now. And cant find help for it ANYwhere. Any suggestions would be helpfull.

You'll have downloaded disk images for the CDs and floppies. You then need to make sure your CD burning software knows it is dealing with an iso image, and you need to make the floppies using rawrite

Correction - fdimage not rawrite (both do the same thing but fdimage is available from the ftp site you used to obtain your image files. Apologies for the pre-coffee mistake.

under Windows or dd if you still have your Linux machine. Burning the CD as though the iso file is just an ordinary file, and copying the floppy image to a disk without using the correct utility, will not work.

If it sounds as though this might be your problem, read:


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