Running 5.2RC2 on a Epox 8K5A2+ motherboard I've experienced multiple hard reset problems while running simple process like compilation under KDE. The result was either a blank screen and reboot or frozen window. I don't know exactly where to look at in order to determine the problem. Dmesg doesn't show anything bad.

If I understand correctly they are two ways of installing Nvidia graphic cards and using them with Nvidia drivers : using Nvidia AGP support or FreeBSD AGP support. I took the default one as described at the bottom of this email.

What is the preferred method ? .... The one that would give the most stability (I don't really care about performance and fps).

After those reboots and according to some posts, I changed my kernel config and commented the following two lines :

#options SMP   # Symmetric MultiProcessor Kernel
#device  apic     # I/O APIC

It didn't really help and I got the same hang up situations.

So I've added hint.acpi.0.disabled="1" in /boot/device.hints and it looks like more stable but didn't have time to confirm it.

Can this problem come from the AGP support selection I've made or is it more related to ACPI ?

Now that I've disabled ACPI, should I enable APM in order to be able to turn off the PC without compromising stability ?


1) Use the Nvidia AGP support
-> cd /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver
-> make install

Add Option "NvAgp" "1"  in XFree86config :
nvidia_load="YES"  in /boot/loader.conf

2) Use the FreeBSD AGP support
-> cd /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver
-> make WITH_FREEBSD_AGP=yes install

Add Option "NvAgp" "2"  in XFree86config :
AGP_LOAD="YES" in /boot/loader.conf
nvidia_load="YES"  in /boot/loader.conf

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