jpl.tgz is an executable binary gzipped tarfile of the "Maestro" software
developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to view and track the images and
adventures of the Mars landers, Spirit and Opportunity.

To run this program under FreeBSD (tested with 5.2-Current as of January 5,
2004  --4.9 might also work.), gunzip and untar the file into a directory 
where you
have rwx permissions. and run the file JPL/SAP/bin/SAP.

To run this file you must have Linux emulation (tested with
/usr/ports/emulators/linux_base), linux-sun-java (tested with jdk-1.4.1p4_1), 
and java3d (/usr/ports/java/java3d)
all installed.

Documentation for using the Maestro software is available at:


The gpl.tar.gz file (and this README) is available at:

If anyone can test the software with lower versions of java or FreeBSD: or 
with higher versions Linux emulation, I'd be very interested to hear about 
the results.

Tim Kellers

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