On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 18:22, Rishi Chopra wrote:
> For some reason, I can't seem to update the index for the ports database:
> idfubar# cd /usr/ports
> idfubar# make index
> Generating INDEX-5 - please wait..perl: not found
> perl: not found
> Done.
> I also tried attempting my first 'portsdb -Uu' after a successful CVSUp, 
> but am running into some problems:
> idfubar# portsdb -Uu
> Updating the ports index ... perl: not found
> /usr/local/sbin/make_describe_pass2:70:in `write': Broken pipe 
> (Errno::EPIPE)
>        from /usr/local/sbin/make_describe_pass2:70:in `puts'
>        from /usr/local/sbin/make_describe_pass2:70
> failed to generate INDEX!
> portsdb: index generation error
> Can anyone explain why I might be getting these errors?  My installation 
> was a minimal install, do I need to install something else for the 'make 
> index' command to work properly?

Yes, you need Perl.  You can install it from /usr/ports/lang/perl5.


> -R
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