Hi, all!
I have two silly questions:
1. I have p1-75 with a small disk (40Mb), where I want to put kernel. And then want it to mount root from, so diskless scripts located there took control and system should be running?
The best could be if DHCP/BOOTP be avoided since there are such servers exist in our network and running on non-standard ports could become a nightmare...

2. I have old Compaq LTE Elite 486 notebook without hard drive (no disk cage, so no possibility to put hard drive inside), and 3c589 PCMCIA ethernet card - is it possible to make it netbooting?
Floppy works, so is it possible to make X terminal from it, booting kernel from floppy and mounting NFS root?

Server is DEC Ultrix system (DECstation 5000/200), if it is interesting.

Thanks a lot beforehand!!!


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