On 06/01/2004, at 11:52 PM, Matthew Seaman wrote:

On Tue, Jan 06, 2004 at 10:33:49PM +1100, August Simonelli wrote:

I'm slowly getting used to FreeBSD from a Linux background so forgive
the ignorant questions.

I'm curious what the best way to add configure options are when
installing from a port. For example, i'd like to add --enable-rewrite
to apache2. Can I just put it in the Makefile in /usr/ports/www/apache2
? Is this generally the best way to do this?

The apache2 port Makefile already comes with any number of hooks for enabling or disabling various configuration options -- probably too many in fact.

In your case, to enable mod_rewrite you don't need to do anything, as
it's already a standard part of the apache2 port, and enabled by
default in the sample httpd-std.conf file.  To get a list of what
modules are available and what would be included when you build the
port, use:

    # cd /usr/ports/www/apache2
    # make show-modules

However, for the sake of completelness, you can compile the port to
include extra modules by:

# make WITH_EXTRA_MODULES=rewrite

or to statically link mod_rewrite into the apache binary:

# make WITH_STATIC_MODULES=rewrite

To apply these options without having to remember to type them in on
the command line all the time, you can create a 'Makefile.inc' in the
port directory which just contains the 'WITH_FOO=bar' variable
assignments, or you can use portupgrade(1) and record these
customizations in it's pkgtools.conf configuration file.

Ok, I get it. And by having --enable-so in the apache port's Makefile and using the LoadModule directive in httpd.conf i can see how many modules are actually available from the port bt default. wow. httpd.conf has a lot of stuff enabled ... sounds like i've got the info i need here to understand adding additional configure options to the building of a port. now it sounds like i'd better do some reading on apache!

thanks everyone!


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