"Scott Miller" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 1)  Does the 5.x branch of freebsd support 32 bit cardbus? or will it be
> added to 4.x soon?

Yes in 5.x, no in 4.x.

> 2)  I have installed freebsd 4.9  on my Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop, when I
> try to configure XFree86 I have to use the text based tool.  After doing
> that, when I run startx I get a grainy desktop that almost covers my screen,
> but not quite, and has only a clock window, a login window, and an xterm
> window, and nothing else.  Where am I going wrong?

That's twm.  [I like it.]  If you want a different window manager,
install a different window manager.  The FreeBSD Handbook goes into
great detail on this.
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