On Sun, 4 Jan 2004, Mike Meyer wrote:
> In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Peter Leftwich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> typed:
> > I saw your post about the lack of documentation for "fixit" and
> > wondered if you may be an expert or seasoned user on the topic?  Thank
> > you for any info you have!
> Fixit disks aren' really a problem solution so much as a place to
> stand to solve problems. They boot you to a running system, either on


I like how you say that - "a place to stand."  It's a good lead-in for my
question: The problem is this... the fixit shell is started and it doesn't
really show you WHAT it is technically doing.  Is it started in RAM
(/ramdisk/) or does it mount the FreeBSD partition on the HDD?  Or what.

The thing that strikes me as oddest is that "pwd" will tell me the path,
beginning with this "/" symbol.  But then I can't type "mount" and have the
results tell me about the leading slash "/" -- round and round we go,
chicken and egg!!

> the CD or out of memory for the fixit floppy, and provide tools you
> need to repair things. The CD includes manual pages, so all you really
> need to know is which tools you need to solve the problem. The floppy
> has a very limited set of tools, so you can start by getting a list of
> /bin and /sbin on the fixit file system, and reading the manual page
> for those tools.

The problem is that root on my HDD has to be mounted before I can use /bin
or /sbin tools - and isn't mount /sbin/mount ???

I am hopelessly lost and all tied up in this quandry -- all I need to be
able to do is mount root and copy a file (ld-elf.so.1) to /usr/libexec/
because it is missing.

> If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them.

Any other suggested work-arounds??  I have been booting to (and leaving
running) a Knoppix Debian Linux CD-R for weeks, I want to click my heels
and say there is no place like home...

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