David Landgren wrote:

I recently rebooted a server that had been running for many months. I haven't touched the kernel or userland programs since it went into production.

The server was rebooted with 'shutdown -h now', powered down, and then later restarted.

I've since noticed that cron didn't restart, which is odd, but fixable, but more importantly, when I run ps, it spits out 'ps: warning: /var/run/dev.db: No such file or directory' (although, as far as I can tell, the output is perfectly reasonable).

I found out how to fix this, one simple runs dev_mkdb

I'm wondering if one is a symptom of the other. In any event, /var/run/dev.db is most certainly not there.

I guess I could reboot the server tonight, but I'm not sure that that will fix it, as I don't understand the cause. I've searched the archives a bit, and the best thread I could find dated from 1997, and suggested that it could be due to an unclean shutdown, which is definitely not the case here.

I wound up rebooting the server, and it looks like as if /etc/rc bombs out half way through. None of the additional daemons are started: cron, inetd, sshd, syslogd... The default route is not set up, and nothing in /usr/local/etc/rc.d is started.

I watched the server boot, and I saw nothing that resembled a shell error. Is there a way to tee the output of /etc/rc to a file, so that I could scan it afterwards?


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