i'm considering purchasing raid controllers bundled with some dell 1750's.

the current raid controller's offered by dell with these devices are:
        perc 4/di
        perc 4/dc

the perc 4/di seems to be an embedded megaraid device which is supported
by the amr driver:

i found a mail to mlist.freebsd.scsi on google which states that the perc
4/dc is a megaraid 518 series and that its been supported since version

are both these raid controller's megaraid devices? are both supported in
recent versions of freebsd?

if so, why is the "perc 4/dc" not listed in the hardware list?

also, with regard to amr devices:
        will all controller problems result in a syslog being generated?

        is there a management utility to perform rebuilds from the os etc.?

btw do people have an opinion on the raid controller with best freebsd
support(fully functional driver/mgmt utilities)?

thanks for your help,

colm ennis

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