On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 11:03:22AM +0000, gffds fsdff wrote:
> How would I go about executing hlds_l_1120_full.bin (STEAM) in order to 
> extract it. I have also tried non-steam hlds_l_3110_full.bin with no 
> success, however due to STEAM taking impact on modifications I must now use 
>From the commandline:

sh hlds_l_1120_full.bin

Alternatively you could make the file executable:

chmod +x hlds_l_1120_full.bin

and then run it:


although this depends on the shebang line (first line in the .bin file)
being set correctly to reflect the interpreter to use to execute the
file. IIRC that .bin file for hlds is just a shar archive (shell executable

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