i have one of the above. it's a usb device which connects to a HomePNA
network, with a 10/100Mbps ethernet port as well as a couple of RJ11s for
the HomePNA connection.

my problem is i am unable to utilize this device to connect to the HomePNA
network. upon plugging it in, the console says:

aue0: ADMtek USB To LAN Converter, rev 1.10/1.01, addr 2
aue0: Ethernet address: 00:08:54:d0:5d:2e
miibus1: <MII bus> on aue0
pnaphy0: <Am79c978 HomePNA PHY> on miibus1
pnaphy0:  HomePNA

ifconfig aue0 response is:
aue0: flags=8802<BROADCAST,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
        ether 00:08:54:d0:5d:2e
        media: Ethernet homePNA (none)

i run 'ifconfig aue0 netmask 0xffff0000 media homepna' and the
device then gets to the following:

        inet netmask 0xffff0000 broadcast
        ether 00:08:54:d0:5d:2e
        media: Ethernet homePNA
        status: active

however, i am unable to ping any ip address other than the interface's
address. obviously, no firewalls (ipfw/ipchains/ipf) are being run and
this is on FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE built as of a couple of weeks back.

i've played around with disabling the ethernet PHY on the device with the
following diff to /usr/src/sys/dev/usb/if_aue.c:

--- CUT HERE ---
--- if_aue.c.org        Wed Jan  7 20:02:51 2004
+++ if_aue.c    Wed Jan  7 21:04:06 2004
@@ -434,6 +434,28 @@

+       /*
+        * The Am79C978 HomePNA PHY actually contains
+        * two transceivers: a 1Mbps HomePNA PHY and a
+        * 10Mbps full/half duplex ethernet PHY with
+        * NWAY autoneg. However, the HomePNA PHY is
+        * not recognized, but the 10/100Mbps PHY is
+        * though. This skips over the 10/100Mbps PHY
+        * and only activates the 1Mbps HomePNA PHY
+        *
+        * Modified by Dinesh Nair <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
+        * Wed Jan  7 20:36:34 MYT 2004
+        *
+        */
+       if (sc->aue_info->aue_vid == USB_VENDOR_ADMTEK &&
+           sc->aue_info->aue_did == USB_PRODUCT_ADMTEK_PEGASUSII) {
+               if (phy == 1)
+                       return(0);
+       }
+       /*
+        * End of modifications by Dinesh Nair
+        */
        csr_write_1(sc, AUE_PHY_ADDR, phy);
        csr_write_1(sc, AUE_PHY_CTL, reg|AUE_PHYCTL_READ);
--- CUT HERE ---

but to no avail. i've discovered that the ethernet PHY is phy==1, while
the two RJ11 PHYs are 2 and 3.

the ethernet PHY works fine and dandy, and i am able to connect it to my
local switch fine. however, i need to use it for a HomePNA application,
and thus need to HomePNA portion of this to work.

any ideas from anyone who's tried something like this before with some
measure of success ? any media types or mediaopts i should be passing to
ifconfig ?

this setup is used by a broadband provider in kuala lumpur, malaysia and
to date this has been the one barrier which prevents freebsd users from
utilizing their service.

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