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> Ah, I see, first mount the cdrom, then make an iso from its filesystem -
> then that's OK, but is seems a little of an overkill, as the cdrom
> already `contains' the iso. If created your way, the image will not
> be completely identical to the one on the cd (for example, the boot
> sectors, if any, will be missing). 

The canonical answer from the handbook is 

     Duplicating Data CDs

    You can copy a data CD to a image file that is functionally
    equivalent to the image file created with sysutils/mkisofs, and
    you can use it to duplicate any data CD. The example given here
    assumes that your CDROM device is acd0. Substitute your correct
    CDROM device. A c must be appended to the end of the device name
    to indicate the entire partition or, in the case of CDROMs, the
    entire disc.

    # dd if=/dev/acd0c of=file.iso bs=2048

    Now that you have an image, you can burn it to CD as described above.

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