+++ Scott W [freebsd] [06-01-04 22:39 -0500]:
| I know this one may be seen as sacrilege to some, but think about this:
| 1.  *BSD uses a fairly significant amount of GNU and GPL licensed 
| (opposed to the BSD license) code in it.  gcc, Perl, XFree86, Apache, 
| GNU Make, autoconf, mysql, PostgreSQL, etc etc.  While it can be argued 
| many/most of these are not part of the core OS, what about:  gcc, 
| objective c, libreadline, cvs, diff, tar, sort, patch and friends?  
| (from /usr/src/gnu and /usr/src/usr.bin )

I think PostgreSQL is released under BSD license.
I can't find a line in tar's man page that it is GNU's tar.
Apache's testing platform is FreeBSD. So probably it is release under
BSD license. Will have to check it out though.

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