I needed to reinstall Windows after a FreeBSD 5.x
install. I knew that I could reinstall the boot
manager from the CD. However, looking at the FAQ
to answer my question, the answers don't work for me:

- if I try to run bootinst from within XP, it won't
let it access the MBR

- I don't have a floppy drive. When I go through this
process on the CD, there's no (W)rite command in the
partition editor (which should actually be called a
slice editor, right?) When I exit, it asks if I want
to install the boot loader, but it doesn't do it. When
I try to commit my changes, it wants new partition
label, and asks be what packages to install

- If I try to go to the fixit shell, I can't really
get a live filesystem. At least, not from the
installation CD. I know there's another FreeBSD live
CD project out there, but it's based on 4.x, and I'm
not sure if the boot loader has changed at all,
because I can't find a version history anywhere.

So... What's the current (5.x) answer to this dilemma?


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