I've checked the H/W compatibiltity list for 4.9 for any SCSI
to IDE bridges (IDE drive to SCSI bus), and I don't see any
mention of these type of devices.  I would think that they would
be supported though, because they should just appear as HDDs.  I
plan on at least to try one out, regardless of "tainting" the
ever pure SCSI bus with IDE devices.  A manufacturer and model
number that I'm looking is:



I'm just wondering if any one has had any successes/failures with
these type of devices withing FreeBSD and can share their
experiences with me.  I'm not stuck on this vendor either, it's
just to give you an idea of what I'm looking for.  (Also if
anyone knows of a bridge that can support multiple IDE drives,
that would be pretty cool too)

As a side note, they mention FreeBSD in their compatibility list
on the ARS-2000FW, and ARS-2000HW products, but do not
specifically mention it under the AEC-7726H product line, but I
think it's because they've generalized their compatibility list.

Thanks Again!

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