Yeah, it's kinda weird with the floppy, it'll make the
noises like it's trying to start and just sit there,
Same thing with the IDE drives.
   Have tried to boot from CD as well. The FreeBSD
will start and get hung after loading uhcio (??) and
I'll have to power cycle the system. Windows 2000
install hangs when it tries to start Windows 2000.

Sigh.. and it's such a nice board otherwise....

--- Lowell Gilbert
> Gary Lum <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >   I had FreeBSD 5.1 installed on an older Dual
> 440BX
> > motherboard which was current with CVS.  I
> replaced
> > the board with a 440GX dual. Basically, I took the
> HD
> > out of the old system and put into the new since
> the
> > boards are pretty similar.The system is working
> but
> > there seems to be some quirks such as the Onboard
> > will not pick up a connection( IT is recognized by
> the
> > System and uses the same driver (FXP)) and the
> floppy
> > drive will not read a floppy at anytime (At boot
> too).
> > I've rebuilt world and kernel and still have the
> same
> > problems.
> >   I'm also noticing now that after reconfiguring
> X, my
> > mouse is chunky. To be honest, it's chunky in the
> > mouse setup in /stand/sysinstall too.
> > 
> > I'm leaning towards a flakey board but have to
> admit
> > my naivity in that it may be due to not
> reinstalling
> > from CD. Suggestions, comments?
> The floppy is one thing -- if it won't work at boot,
> then FreeBSD
> probably isn't related to its problems.  The NIC may
> be a different
> issue; you could try booting from the install CD and
> see if it works
> from there.  The mouse I'm even less sure about; it
> sounds like it
> could be an interrupt problem, but that's a sort of
> vague guess.
> Then again, I'm still running 4.x (5.x won't boot at
> all on my spare
> machine, thanks to the inclusion of AGP in the
> default kernels)...

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