Hi All

Having big problems installing FreeBSD 4.9 or 5.1. Every time I try to boot,
I get the error

panic: contigmalloc1: size must be 0

I have googled extensively with no success, seems a few people have had this
problem, but I cannot find wether it has been resolved or not. It seems the
machine I have just purchased has the Ali chipset, which it seems causes the
problem. I have been able to install 4.7, but with limited success, big
problems with XFree86 accepting the drivers, wierd screen reolutions, and
programs like irssi behave strangely (title bars shifting, distorted screen
etc), I am defintly using the correct drivers as well, followed the handbook
closely as I could.
With 4.9 FreeBSD installs and crashes after the reboot, 5.1 does not even
get this far, it stalls on bootup.
I have disabled power management as well - no difference.

Can anyone help, or does anyone know if a solution has been found and posted
 I use 4.9 on my trusty old P2, and like it very much. I am hoping I can
install it on my new box to use at home and would like to have a look at 5.1

I apreciate all help.

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