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Andrew, thanks for the pointer. The XFree86 nv driver is what I have been using. I'm going to try to install and use Nvidia's own one.

Really? I'm using a GeForce 2 MX 400 (64Mb) RAM, and I get an excellent picture with a Philips 109P2 monitor, using the nv driver for X.

Given that you've been using FreeBSD since 2.x, this question is going to be insulting, but...

Have you specified everything you can in the XF86Config file? Monitor rates, monitor measurements, etc? Seems strange that the same graphics chip could give such different performance.

Not insulting. I've used FreeBSD almost exclusively as a server platform, not as a desktop. The main reason is that I've always found it to be less user-friendly than running a thin Windoze client on top of a FreeBSD server via ssh or whatnot. Out of my constant desire to completely dump Microsoft I periodically try to set up a FBSD desktop (have done for years) and always have given up in frustration sooner or later. Given a new major version of the OS plus new versions of X and KDE, I thought I'd try it again (plus Windoze screwed me again, eating another desktop). The results have been mixed.

As to my XF86Config: I did whatever was minimally necessary to get it working, using one of the configuration tools (I think I found it confusing that both FBSD and KDE have tools for the same thing. Same with printing.) I am now going to delve into XF86Config and see what I can improve.

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