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> Introducing a new machine has a certain level of risk. What is your
> contingency plan if the machine fails anyway?

The plan is to just remove the machine from the circuit. Instead of
having a cable to the machine from the first switch and then another
cable from the machine to the second switch, the plan is to just replace
that with a single cable between the two switches and revert to how we
are now.

> If there is so much at stake why not use the better machine then?

Budget . I have a very limited one, and if I lose this machine to the
firewall, I then have less resources available for hosting.

> Another alternative.. prepare both machines. Have the better machine ready
> to do an able to be connected/switched to at a moments notice. Put the
> slower machine on at the slowest day. Monitor it closely as traffic grows.

That's probably the way forward, yes. Thanks.

Wayne Pascoe
      There's optimism...
      and then there's stupidity!
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